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A Hack Education Project

This post first appeared on aud.life Update: I’m still researching how/if the blockchain would work in education. I’m incredibly grateful for the help and feedback I’ve received from folks so far. I plan to publish my work at the end of March, following an “Indie Ed-Tech” event I’m attending at...

This post first appeared on aud.life I’ve started a new research project on the blockchain and what it might offer for education. I’m interested in gaining a better understanding of the technology, and I’d like to be better positioned to weigh in on the discussions in which blockchain is increasingly...

I've kicked off a new research project on the blockchain. I think I'm beginning to have a decent understanding of how cryptocurrencies and the blockchain work. But I am still unclear on whether or not this is something that education should utilize.

This site does not get updated regularly, but I'm starting a blog here nonetheless.