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Top Ed-Tech Trends

At the end of every year since I founded this blog, I've reviewed what I think are the most important and influential trends in education technology. This isn't just a "listicle" - a quick dash through popular technologies. Rather, it's an in-depth exploration and analysis of the events of the year.

2016: Trends include for-profit higher education, personalization, and discrimination by design

Previous Years

2015: Trends include online education, privacy, for-profit education, and activism via social media

2014: Trends include outsourcing, social justice, data, and privacy

2013: Trends include MOOCs, the Common Core State Standards, data, and privacy

2012: Trends include MOOCs, learning-to-code, and the flipped classroom

2011: Trends include Khan Academy, the iPad, and social media

2010: Trends include the resurgence of ed-tech startups and ed-tech investment