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The Research

A Hack Education Project

"Top Ed-Tech Trends" (Or, The Stories We Were Told About Education Technology)

At the end of every year since I founded Hack Education, I've reviewed what I think are the most important and influential trends in education technology. This isn't just list of ten products or a quick dash through popular technologies that marketers are the most active pushing. Rather, it's an in-depth exploration of the events of the year and an analysis of how these events in education and in technology shape the way in which we imagine the future of teaching and learning.

2017: The stories that were told this year included "fake news," "the innovation gospel," and "robots are coming for your jobs."

Previous Years

2016: Trends include for-profit higher education, personalization, and discrimination by design

2015: Trends include online education, privacy, for-profit education, and activism via social media

2014: Trends include outsourcing, social justice, data, and privacy

2013: Trends include MOOCs, the Common Core State Standards, data, and privacy

2012: Trends include MOOCs, learning-to-code, and the flipped classroom

2011: Trends include Khan Academy, the iPad, and social media

2010: Trends include the resurgence of ed-tech startups and ed-tech investment