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Even though I've sworn to write no more about the blockchain and education, I'm still collecting stories on the topic, in part because the marketing drum continues to be pounded. Maybe I'll write more. Maybe I won't.

Some of the responses to my research series have been, um, interesting, particularly the three-part response that insisted I do not understand technology, ideology, or how to make a coherent argument.

I've decided to delete the list of links I have on the "landing page" I created for this research project. In particular, there is no way that I would send someone to the Badge Chain project currently hosted on in order to learn more about the possibility of blockchain technology, considering this group's willingness to publish such misleading responses to my work. I've pasted all those links below, originally on, along with some more recent articles about blockchain technology that have been published since I last updated this site.

A couple of notes: recent furor (again) over "Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?" is worth following, particular as Bitcoin continues to stumble. Arguments that Bitcoin doesn't matter, but blockchain does are worth thinking of in this light, particularly with the amount of money investors have plowed into the former. Also noteworthy: Don Tapscott has a forthcoming book on the topic, and so I anticipate there'll be lots of marketing as he insists that blockchain is the most important technology of our lifetime. I remember when he said the same about wikis and Web 2.0. But alas, these have been displaced by "the distributed ledger."

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