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I'm writing up my research on the Blockchain (and I'm hoping to have it all finalized by the middle of the week). As such, I've updated the main page on this site where I'm going to collect all my Blockchain-in-Education articles. There, I've also added a list of stories others have written on the topic. It's pretty striking to me the overwhelming whiteness and maleness of the authors, which I think speaks volumes about how "decentralized" and "distributed" these new technologies really are.

That list:

Further Reading

Doug Belshaw. "Avoiding pointless (Open Badges-related) blockchain projects"

---. "Peering Deep into Future of Educational Credentialing"

---. "The Possibilities of Badges and Blockchain"

Sean Cavanagh. "Would 'Blockchain' Tech Work for K-12 Schools?"

Adam Croom. "Blockchains for Federated Student Data"

Ted Curran. "Researching the Blockchain in EdTech"

ESchoolNews. "How 'blockchain' technology could influence education"

Marnie Hughes-Warrington. "Credit Transfer, Credit Trading"

Institute for the Future. "Learning is Earning"

Mark Johnson. "Searle's Status Functions and the Educational Block Chain"

---. "@Telegram, Raspberry Pi, Block Chains and Educational Transactions"

Doug Levin. "10 Things To Know about the Future of Blockchain in Education"

Kimberley Mok. "How One School is Using Bitcoin Blockchain to Authenticate Degrees"

W. Ian O'Byrne. "Cognitive Authority, Digital Badges, and the Oracle of the Blockchain"

---. "Digital Portfolios + Open Badges + Blockchain = Personal Learning Ledger"

Adam Proctor. "Decentralising Education & the Blockchain"

Serge Ravet. "From ePortfolios to OpenLedgers — via OpenBadges and BlockChains"

Philipp Schmidt. "Certificates, Reputation, and the Blockchain"

Kathi Vian. "Own Your Achievements: Three Ways Blockchain Tech is Disrupting Education"

(This list is likely to change, on the main page of this project site, at least. This blog post will just offer a snapshot of what changed in early April.)

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